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Online Performance Review Software

Are you tired of wading through stacks of paper to complete paper-based employee performance appraisals? It’s time to simplify the employee review process with online performance review software. Trakstar is the solution that simplifies and automates management tasks with cloud-based employee performance review software. Request a live demo below. 

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Trakstar Does It All

The primary purpose of a performance evaluation is to measure job performance and recognize and reward top employees for a job well done. That can’t happen without reliable quantitative measurements and trends that Trakstar helps deliver with real-time, tangible data to help your organization. With modern and flexible reports, you can get precisely the report and data you need, such as Employee Performance Ranking, Employee Performance History, Employee Rating Distribution, and Rater Bias. Score your employee’s appraisal and keep your employees on task working at high levels of effectiveness with features that include:


  • 360-Degree Feedback from inside or outside of the organization
  • Goal setting (SMART, metric, and cascading) that keeps employees and managers on track and focused with automated email reminders
  • Comments/Notes with time-stamp
  • Employee performance history report


A good performance review software solution from Trakstar helps simplify employee performance evaluations and helps align employee goals with business goals. Request your live demo today to learn more about Trakstar.

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Trakstar supercharges employee performance around pivotal moments in talent development. Remove your manual processes with our innovative software and world-class support. Make smarter decisions to attract, retain, and engage your workforce.

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