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Reports & Analytics

A modern performance management strategy is supported by data. An individual’s efforts and the performance review process are quantifiable, giving you the insight needed to help employees and managers succeed. Trakstar provides data-rich reports in an easy-to-understand, visual format. Request a demo to learn more.

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Performance History Report

Review each employees’ performance over time. Discover where employees are showing growth, stagnation, or decline. Compare performance scores for specific evaluation cycles or across an employee’s entire history with your organization.

Rater Bias Report

Use filters to display the range of scores raters gave to employees or teams. Identify managers who are either too lenient or strict in their evaluations and provide coaching that helps them better assess performance.  

Rating Distribution Report

Explore the frequency of ratings for overall performance and specific competencies across your organization. Ensure there is consistency in employee evaluations or learn if there are teams or individuals excelling or in need of support.

Performance Ranking Report

Compare overall performance or competency scores across your organization or for specific teams. Get an at-glance overview of top performers, effective performers, and underperformers to inform compensation planning and create performance improvement plans.

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Trakstar supercharges employee performance around pivotal moments in talent development. Remove your manual processes with our innovative software and world-class support. Make smarter decisions to attract, retain, and engage your workforce.

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