Succession Planning

Succession planning in Trakstar helps you identify top-performing employees with leadership potential. Discreetly evaluate your workforce and discover who excels in their current role and has what it takes to do more. Check out our succession planning capabilities and more in a live demo.

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Why Use Trakstar for Succession Planning?

You have smart and talented people on your staff. With training and mentorship, you can prepare your next generation of managers and executives for the opportunities that await them. Trakstar gives you the ability to assess your entire workforce on the factors that make up leadership potential—ability, aspiration, and engagement. Every employee is then plotted across nine boxes on a grid based on their combined potential and job performance scores. You’ll see who is ready to step up and who can get there with the right guidance.

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Discover Your Future Leaders

Trakstar is designed to make succession planning logical and simple. Instead of assuming an employee should or shouldn’t be promoted, you can effectively assess the leadership qualities of everyone in your organization.

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