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Free sometimes isn’t the best choice. Often with free software, you lose out on quality, features, or security. Don’t waste time with free solutions, go with a high-quality, dependable performance review software from Trakstar. Request a free live demo today to learn more. 

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Cloud-based Trakstar helps motivate and retain top performers, align individual goals with those of your organization, and provide real-time data to find areas of strength and areas for development. Everything managers need to complete an efficient and reliable employee appraisal is right at their fingertips. Experience modern, user-friendly employee evaluations with powerful performance management tools that include:

  • Real-Time 360 Degree Feedback
  • Goal Tracking with Measurements
  • Note Taking, Check-Ins, and Automated Email Notifications
  • Performance History Report
  • Easy-to-Set Schedules

Using Trakstar Is the best way to implement a consistent, fair system for performance appraisals. Request your free demo today to see why no other performance management software is more comprehensive and flexible than Trakstar.

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Trakstar's performance management software is the best way to implement a fair system for the performance review process if you are looking to attract, identify, and keep talented employees. Request your free live demo of Trakstar today and experience a better way to do performance management.

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