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Adding measurements to goals can be an excellent resource for your team to break larger goals down into steps, or to keep track of goals that require multiple steps, activities, or attendance.

Your organization may use Trakstar to set goals in a number of different ways. In this article, we will discuss the ‘Add a Measurement’ feature on a review. This feature lets you add an objective to a competency or goal that already exists on your appraisal. You may also want to consider adding a goal to your appraisal if your organization has enabled that feature. See Add a Goal for instructions.  



Step 1: Log in to Trakstar and click on your Current Review.



If your current review is in Scoring mode, click the ‘Goals and Notes’ tab in the timeline.



Step 2: Find the appropriate Competency or Goal that you would like to add your Measurement and click + Add Measurement.



Step 3: Fill in the Measurement Title and Description, as well as any of the optional fields to get started. You can also set up email reminders. When finished, click Save.



Step 4: (Optional) Add tasks to manage what you need to do to complete the measurement



Step 5: Throughout the appraisal cycle, update progress by clicking Edit. You’ll want to check off tasks that have been completed and update your percentage complete, status and/or the completion date.

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