How and Why to Add a Note On Yourself

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Why take Notes?

Adding notes throughout the year is an excellent resource to keep track of achievements and show the value you provide to your organization. The more detailed your notes the better – when it comes time to score your appraisal you will have the resources necessary to discuss your work and accomplishments with ease!


Effective performance reviews are all about detail. The more relevant information you share with your managers, the more they’ll see the value in the work you contribute. Take Notes to keep track of your accomplishments as they happen so that nothing falls through the cracks when it comes time to discuss performance.

Check out our Notes in Trakstar Guide to learn more about the benefits of taking notes throughout the year. 


Step 1: Login to Trakstar. Select My Notes.



Step 2: Click the Add a Note field.



Step 3: Enter your note in the provided text field. You can choose to make the note visible to your managers. Notes can be added to a specific element so feedback is focused and relevant. If your note is not tied to a specific element, it will live in the “General Notes” section.

Once finished, click Add this Note.



Step 4: The note will be saved within your My Notes tab and included on your review.

How to pull in Notes during the Score phase:

You can reference Notes taken throughout the year during the Score phase for a more accurate and well-rounded appraisal. If the Note was tied to a specific Competency, you can reference it when rating that competency.



Clicking on Notes (1) will reveal the text of the note. You can then copy the notes to the Comments field if you wish to capture it in the final review.


Any note that is not linked to a specific element can be found in the “Summary Comments” section at the very bottom of the appraisal form.

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