Custom Review List

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Article Description: Creating a Custom List  of Reviews is a useful tool for administrators, allowing them to see the customized data that is important to them.



Step 1: As a Trakstar administrator, select the Reviews page from the Navigation Bar. Select New Review List from the top right of the screen.


Step 2: Give the review list a name and a description – it is required to build the custom review list.  Determine who will be able to see the custom appraisal list using the check boxes.




Step 3: Select the filter (add more than one if desired using the +Add Filter sign) and determine which information will be displayed in the on-screen columns.




Step 4: Here’s an example of a customized report. Once you are ready to view the custom review list, click on the save button found on the bottom right-hand side of the page.



Step 5: The report is now visible to the Trakstar Administrator. To delete or edit the report, select Edit this Review List on the right. Additionally, the list may be exported to a spreadsheet by clicking the Export button in the top right.



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