Trakstar Security and Passwords

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Article Description: How to force reset all passwords, increase/decrease security settings for an organization, and how to reset individual passwords.

1. Log in as Admin. Select the Settings tab from the Navigation Bar. Select Security from the menu.

2. Adjust Password Lifetime from the pull-down menu. Adjust Required Password Strength from the pull-down menu.

3. Trakstar Administrators may also Force User Password Reset upon log in. This is commonly used upon first log-in to Trakstar. Clear User Password Reset undoes the force reset.

4. Click Save to confirm any changes made.

Trakstar Administrators may reset individual passwords on the behalf of a user from the Employee record. Select an Employee from the Employees tab on the Navigation Bar. Click Edit and then Change Password. Click Save to finalize all changes. 


Pro Tip: If you are enforcing a Weak or Strong password, we highly recommend copy-pasting the guidance below into your Welcome Email.

Weak: A minor level of password strength is enforced along with a minimum length of 8 characters. Passwords should consist of a combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters. Examples of weak passwords are: TOgfsANZiVxrOAYBsrRtWcCY

Strong: Strong password strength constraints are enforced including a minimum length of 8 characters. Strong passwords are required to have a mix of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. Examples of strong passwords are: fu,x#6g*“oV1Q)b-A64,!P/H

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