Bulk Exporting PDFs of Archived Reviews

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If you need to keep a record of employee reviews, PDF copies can be exported from Trakstar in bulk. This is helpful to back up review documents or if you need to print a large number of employee reviews.

From the Reviews tab an administrator can export bulk or singular review documents as a PDF out of the Trakstar archive.


Step 1: Click on the Reviews tab on the left side of your screen and select the Archived page.


Step 2: Select the reviews you would like to export by checking the box to the left of the employee name. Note: You can also select your entire archive by checking the select all box located to the left of the column titled employee.


Step 3: Click the Export button at the top right of your screen and choose the PDF Export option.


Step 4: Choose any additional content, if any, you want included in your PDF versions in addition to the manager and employees scores and comments. Then click Export.


Please Note: Depending on the amount of reviews you choose to export this may be a time intensive task. Once you begin the export process you are free to leave Trakstar and we will email you a link to download the zip file containing all of your PDFs. The zip file will remain active for 7 days. If you have not accessed the zip file within 7 days of exporting you will need to re-export the PDF appraisals.

You will also be able to access the PDFs from Background Jobs link that appears at the top of your Trakstar screen. You are limited to one PDF export at a time. You will need to wait until the PDF export is completed before you are able to start another one.

You can also call us at 1 (877) 489-5651