Change Review Period (Singular and Bulk)

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What is the “Period” in Trakstar?:

The Period, in Trakstar, refers to the date range for which a person’s performance is assessed. It is automatically generated as the time between the archive date of the previous appraisal* and the next target archive date within Trakstar. The system will automatically generate the period as the timeframe between these dates so you don’t have to; however, if you would like to see something more specific to your needs you can edit the Period.

*If an individual does not yet have any archived reviews in Trakstar, Trakstar will reference the employee’s base date as their period start date.


To edit a single employee:

Step 1: Login as Admin. Select the employee you wish to edit from the Employees tab.


Step 2: Click Edit on the annual review

Step 3: Enter the new desired review period. Click the Save button to save changes.


*To edit employees in bulk:

Step 1: Login as Admin. Select the Reviews tab in the Navigation bar. Click the check box next to each employee you wish to change the review period for. Click the Bulk Edit button at the top right of the page.

Step 2: Use the arrow to expand the Review Details section, enter the appropriate Period, then select Save within this section.

*Now the selected employees will have an updated review period.  

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