360-Rater Outside Respondent

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Note:  This feature allows Managers to gather 360-Rater Feedback from anyone who does not have a Trakstar account.


Is there someone outside of your organization that works closely with your employees? Utilizing outside respondents can provide feedback without requiring those individuals to have a Trakstar account.


Step 1: In the Review Hub, select the 360 Feedback tab.


Step 2: Select ‘Request Outside 360-Rater Feedback’ below the Timeline.



Step 3: Input the first name, last name and email address of the person you wish to request feedback from. Associate them to an existing 360-Rater Group or create a new one.



Step 4:  When you are done adding Outside 360-Raters make sure to select Save 360-Raters in the lower right corner.



Step 5:  An email notification will be sent to the outside 360-Rater requesting to provide their feedback.

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