Position Versioning

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Do you need to make changes to next year’s review form content while this year’s is still in use? Position Versioning allows admins to create multiple versions of a review for the same Position (eval template).

To enable this feature, please reach out to support@trakstar.com so they can enable this for you and provide guidance. After the feature is enabled Administrators utilize Position Versioning as follows:


Step 1: Select the Forms tab from the navigation bar, accessing Positions and select the position you wish to create a new version of.


Step 2: To create a new form associated with this position, select Versions and Create New Version.

Please Note: When a new version of a form is created, it will become the Active version. The Active version will be the form associated when the next review is created upon Archiving or cancellation.


Step 3: To change the active version select Versions and use the Active toggle between versions.


Step 4: By selecting Add a Note you can include a label or indicator to more clearly distinguish one version from another, maybe the year the form was for. Make sure to select Save to retain the note.