How to Score an Employee’s Review

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Step 1: Locate the Employee You Want to Score 

Select the employee you would like to Score by clicking on the ‘Score Review’ button.


Step 2: By default, you will be in the ‘Manager Review’ tab within the timeline


You can see your progress on scoring the Employee’s Review, as well as the employee’s progress of their self-appraisal if applicable. You also have the ability to Override the self-review which will remove the request for the employee to complete it.


Step 3: Select a Score for Each Competency

Use the Rating Scale bar to choose a score. You will also be able to see what the Employee rated themselves if they have already completed their self-review. You can also see any comments left. This is not- applicable if the Employee has not completed their self-review.



Step 4: Add a Comment if Desired Save Comments by clicking “Add this Comment”. Comments are optional and can include an attachment that will be linked with the review.


Step 5: Scroll to the Top of the Review When Completed

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