How to Share 360-Rater Feedback with Your Employee

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Why can’t employees see 360-Rater feedback on themselves?

360-Rater feedback is designed to be confidential, but it can be very useful to provide this feedback to employees to provide a deeper understanding of their performance and encourage their growth. This is because we don’t always know the content of the multi-rater feedback; it may not always be appropriate for the employee being evaluated to see this feedback.

As such, the employee will not be able to access 360-rater feedback through Trakstar at any time, even after the review is archived. However, sometimes, managers want the employee being evaluated to see the 360-rater feedback.

Here are three options for how the manager or site admin can share 360-rater feedback with the employee:


Option 1: The manager or site admin can make a PDF of the review. When generating the PDF, the manager can choose to “Hide”, “Show”, or “Anonymize” the 360-rater feedback. Anonymizing the feedback will reveal all ratings and comments but redact the 360-rater’s names. This PDF can then be shared with the employee via printout, email, or uploaded to the Employee Folder.




Option 2: The manager can “Copy to Comment” the comments written by the 360-rater into their own (manager) comments. This will add the 360-rater’s comments verbatim and quote the author.




Option 3: The manager can summarize the 360-rater comments in their own words and provide their own feedback within their own (manager) comment field.


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