Terminate Employees

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Step 1: Select an Employee from the Active Employees tab.



Step 2: In the Employee’s profile, select Terminate.



Step 3: Enter the Termination Date.  Click Yes when done.

Checking the “Permanently delete this employee” box will permanently delete the employee record and all associated appraisals from the Trakstar database. Use this checkbox with caution.

Step 5:  Terminated employees will remain in Trakstar in the Terminated area of the Employee tab.

Simply terminating an employee will retain all records inside Trakstar. Terminated employees are not calculated in the licensing costs with Trakstar. Terminated employees may be reactivated if desired.



Step 6: To reactivate an employee, select the employee from the Terminated area. Click Reactivate.



Step 7: The Employee will then be returned to the Active tab.

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