Setting up Trakstar is a Breeze

From adding your employees to getting your appraisals looking exactly how you'd like, every detail has been considered.

Employee Record Management

Getting your employees synced to Trakstar is fast and easy. Once they are in Trakstar, the employee view makes it easy to see their appraisal history.

Adding and Editing Positions

After your employees are added, use the powerful position editor to customize your forms to look just the way you want them to. Add competencies, questions and more. It is easy to organize your forms into sections.

Appraisal Processes

When your positions are ready to go, scheduling appraisal and email reminders couldn't be easier. You will always know exactly where you are in the appraisal cycle with Trakstar's simple, but powerful appraisal process editor.

Managers and Employees Love Trakstar

A surprisingly good employee experience makes it easy to track custom goals and measurements to help team members grow.

Manager and Employee Goals

Managers and employees can (optionally) add goals to their own appraisals that can be tracked along with their position plan.

Track Progress with Measurements

  • Measurements allow employees and managers to track progress toward their goals.
  • Measurements allow progress to be seen numerically, both with percentages of completion and dates.
  • Measurements can have their own tasks and email reminders.

Take Notes Anytime

During the appraisal cycle, notes can be taken by both employees and managers. Notes can be private or visible to anyone who can see the appraisal document.
Trakstar has allowed Christian Health Care Center to transform an antiquated paper-based performance evaluation tool into an efficient and reliable on-line system.
Jennifer VitranoVice President, Information ServicesChristian Health Care Center


Trakstar makes scoring appraisals intuitive.

360º Feedback

Invite anyone with an email address to add their feedback to the appraisal. The process is simple for the outside respondent and gives meaningful insight into employee performance from the perspective of your partners and customers.

Scoring is Simple, Yet Powerful

You can ask open ended questions or use rating scales that can be configured in a variety of ways, or just keep it simple with the default in rating scale. It is up to you. No matter what you choose, scoring appraisals is simple and intuitive.

Easily Compare Scores and See Progress

Once reviews are in, it is easy to compare scores and see the appraisal results in a variety of ways. Get a quick feel for how everyone lines up, the dive in deeper for in-depth analysis of the appraisal results.

See What You Would Have Never Seen

With reports that not only look good, but are designed to surface important trends in your company. Trakstar allows you to segment your data any way you like so your reports are concise, meaningful and relevant.

Rater Bias Report

Do some raters tend to score higher on average than others? Find out with the rater bias report.

Rating Distribution Report

Easily see where most of your high or low ratings are coming from and where the mean score for a group of documents lies. The rating distribution report is a powerful way to get a quick visual sense of how how scores are distributed along your rating scale.

Performance History Report

See how performance is changing over time. Are some employees steadily improving while others are declining? This report will help you identify star performers as well as those who might be a flight risk.

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