Managing the Active Appraisal Cycle

Ashley Saine

When: November 15, 2018
Start Time: 1:00 pm ET
End Time: 2:00 pm ET

Host: Ashley Saine

Trakstar was built on the idea that employees should get continual feedback all year long, not just during review time when it might be too late to correct their behavior. With that in mind, we created different cycles of an employee review to be utilized all year long by both your employees and managers. In this webinar, find out where in the cycle your organization is at and what you, your managers, and your employees can be doing during this time.

We’ll cover:

  • The phases of an appraisal
  • How to find out where your employees are
  • What should your employees and managers be doing now?
  • What should YOU be doing now?

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