Time is moving quickly for all of us, and before you know it, someone it feels like you just onboarded may be preparing to move onto a new role. Often, HR leaders feel a bit lost or confused when it comes to succession planning because they have gotten used to a particular employee working in that position – they just can’t imagine anyone else there. They may not know how to fill their role from within.

So what can be done to prepare for the future and ensure a seamless transition when an important team member departs?

The solution is to participate in succession planning with the 9-box grid. You’ll successfully identify employees lower on the org chart who can be promoted when the time comes – and it will come.

Trakstar leaders talked about this and more at our webinar 9 Steps to 9 Box Success: Unlock Top Talent with Succession Planning to discuss using a 9-box template to unlock top talent and plan for the future.

Rewatch this webinar to get:

  • A deep dive into what a 9-box is and how to use it
  • Tips and tricks for using a 9 Box performance assessment for all of your employees
  • Information about how to make succession planning easier

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