The AED For Healthcare Burnout: Accelerating Employee Development

A year and a half ago, healthcare professionals were regarded as heroes – parades were thrown in their honor, pots and pans clanged throughout city streets when they changed shifts, and everyone thanked them wherever they went.

Even then, they were tired and overworked.

Now, you are handling a workforce that gets mistreated by the general public, called liars when they talk, and face overpacked rooms and a lack of resources when they get to work. This is on top of the pressures they face from everyday life.

The result? Burnout – your workers are quitting, making mistakes, slipping into addiction, and it makes it harder for everyone.

Healthcare burnout impacts all of us. At our webinar, The AED for Healthcare Burnout: Accelerating Employee Development, we talked more about identifying and reducing burnout in your workforce.

Watch our on-demand webinar and discover:

  • How can you identify burnout early
  • Why you should care about burnout
  • How you can turn around the burnout process
  • Easy steps to avoid burnout amongst new hires

Studies have shown that nearly 70% of healthcare workers are at risk for burnout – and the number keeps growing. The COVID-19 pandemic brought those numbers into focus, but burnout has been a problem in healthcare for a long time.

If you are struggling to keep employees, seeing employees succumb to addiction or poor behaviors, noticing an uptick in patient complaints and careless mistakes, or you are facing a workforce that is unengaged, overworked, and tired – you are dealing with burnout.

On-Demand Webinar