Create an eLearning Library to Level Up Your Employees

Do you have an eLearning library at your disposal?

As you make new hires, promote employees, and enrich your workforce, you must have learning materials at your fingertips. It doesn’t make sense to create new materials every time you need them — even if you were able to make them with everything else going on in your schedule.

Building an eLearning library doesn’t have to be hard (you can use many materials you already have!), but it can take time and effort to get everything together. Once you’ve done the bulk of the work, it’s just about maintenance.

So how can you create an eLearning library and then maintain it? We talked about how in our webinar with some people who build eLearning libraries regularly to help train our employees!

Rewatch our webinar and discover:

  • How to build your own eLearning library
  • Ways to keep your library updated
  • Engaging techniques so your materials get used
  • And so much more from Trakstar’s Customer Support team!

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