Hiring Top Talent with Benchmarking

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Hiring Top Talent with Benchmarking

Trakstar Insights and Benchmarking for Hire are two of the newest, most potent offerings from Trakstar. These two products, when used together to get a full picture of your hire benchmarking, can start to write the narrative around a hiring class, explain the story of how your company makes new hires, and show you what works (and what doesn’t) when you go after today’s top talent. Hiring benchmarking is a great way to completely change the way your organization looks at your candidates, hiring process, and the work of Human Resources and HR professionals, including recruiters.

How can organizations use Benchmarking for Hire in the most effective way? By using the data and metrics surrounding their day-to-day efforts. Insights and Benchmarking act as data analysts by your side to explain why the work you’re doing is so important. It can also be used to show a hiring manager what is successful and what isn’t, including recruiting metrics for specific roles, job boards, or job descriptions. Where should you be going to find that ideal qualified candidate?

Getting talent insights at all stages of the employee journey is important. For too long, HR leaders have been left in the dark about the work they’re doing, even when it comes to key accountabilities, job posting, compensation, industry standards, and success insights. With Benchmarking for Hire, talent acquisition has forever been changed.

Join our Director of Business Intelligence as he discusses the job benchmarking process, hiring benchmark insights, motivators, and more. This is the perfect webinar for recruiters, hiring managers, HR leaders, and more to understand what the new industry standard will be when talking about the recruiting process, candidate experience, making that perfect new hire, and more.

Key Takeaways


Learn more about the current hiring landscape. With hiring slowing down overall, many industries still have many openings for several reasons.


Certain industries are experiencing very different needs in hiring. Hear how tech, education, healthcare, and others all differ from one another.


Remote versus hybrid openings published: Is there a shift taking place?


Potential employees are getting to the finish line and not signing. Learn how to get that final signature.

Session Speakers

Brian Kasen portrait

Brian Kasen

Director of Business Intelligence

Brian Kasen serves as the Director, Business Intelligence at Trakstar. Daily, he works on advancing the Trakstar Insights solution, crunching numbers, and enabling HR Leaders to develop their people data strategy. He loves talking about all things HR Tech and Analytics related.

Jessie Blum portrait

Jessie Blum

Instructional Designer

Jessie Blum is the Education & Instructional Designer at Trakstar. You'll usually find her creating new support documentation, writing a webinar, or drinking iced coffee. She loves talking about eLearning!