How Employee Reviews Can Improve the Hiring Process

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How Employee Reviews Can Improve the Hiring Process

It is a candidate’s market in hiring right now – and every interaction you have counts. It is up to you as an HR leader to find every advantage you have and use it to improve your hiring process. There’s a lot of pressure on you to find the best employees, introduce them to the company, equip them with the tools they need to succeed, and ensure they are ready to go.

It’s hard to do and you are probably thinking about revamping your hiring process as competition stiffens.

One way to do that? Employee feedback. You can use your employee’s feedback to streamline the hiring process and experience to make it better, more complete, and more effective.

During our webinar, How Employee Reviews Can Improve The Hiring Process, we taught you how the experience your candidate goes through, from submitting their application, to the interview, and beyond, impacts them.

Why? Employees start evaluating your company from the second they click on a job opening. Their experience will determine whether they accept a job offer, the amount of effort they give, and even how long they will stay with your company. Getting feedback from employees who have gone through it – or even more importantly as they go through it – can give you insights into what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong.

Session Speakers

Chelsea Baker portrait

Chelsea Baker

Director of Customer Experience

Chelsea Baker is the Director of Customer Experience at Trakstar. Day to day she’s working to solve sticky problems and increase customer happiness, or convincing you to read a new book. She loves talking about all things related to hiring, and managing remote teams.

Jessie Blum-Gabriel portrait

Jessie Blum-Gabriel

Instructional Designer

Jessie Blum-Gabriel is the Education & Instructional Designer at Trakstar. You'll usually find her creating new support documentation, writing a webinar, or drinking iced coffee. She loves talking about eLearning!

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