Labor of Love

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Labor of Love

Leading great teams is hard.
Hear from our Director of Marketing and manager of people about how you can find and keep the right people. Between the pressures of leading engaged employees and making them feel appreciated, managing people can be tough.
Join this webinar for practical tips as a people manager or aspiring people manager. The webinar will conclude with a Q&A panel with Dr. Travis Benge, a Leadership coach.
We will answer questions submitted by YOU!

Key Takeaways


Create partnerships with your employees so they thrive!


Provide a feedback loop that builds employee trust


Help your employees feel valued and stay engaged with practical tips

Session Speakers

Hannah Benge portrait

Hannah Benge

Director of Marketing

Hannah is Trakstar's Director of Marketing. She loves talking about all things as it relates to managing highly effective teams and cultivating a culture your employees love. Daily, she works on thought leadership, strategy, and industry development.

Dr. Travis Benge portrait

Dr. Travis Benge

Leadership Coach

Travis recently graduated with his Doctorate of Leadership from Southwestern University. He works closely with executives and business leaders to galvanize people and foster great teams. When he's not developing better leaders, he enjoys spending time with his family and playing sports.