The Secrets of 360-Degree Feedback: Leveraging Feedback From Every Corner of Your Organization

Are you utilizing 360-degree feedback in your employee performance reviews?

If you aren’t, you’re missing out on a key source of data that can help make your appraisals more meaningful. During a 360 review, an employee’s peers, reporting staff, manager, and other employees from within the organization provide feedback and insights into their performance, skills, and workplace behaviors.

Using 360-reviews is a great way for managers to understand how their employees work with other people, how they are perceived by other departments, and where there is room for growth or improvement.
If you aren’t using 360-degree feedback, or you think you aren’t using them to their full potential, watch our on demand webinar today!

Watch our webinar and discover:

  • How to use 360-reviews
  • Who to ask for 360-reviews
  • Tips to relay positive and negative feedback from colleagues
  • And so much more from Trakstar’s Customer Support team!

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