Using Good Data for Learning Management

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Using Good Data for Learning Management

Learning management is a pivotal part of workforce training, planning, and building. With Trakstar Learn, reporting is key to ensure that all of your efforts are paying off and actually helping make your workforce better. Reporting in learning management can help you understand the work you’re doing, explain the benefit of your learning management system, and show critical learning analytics to your own supervisors.

End the year with stronger data and start building on that next year with our “Using Reporting for Learning Management” webinar. We’ll work with you to understand data, reporting, and what you can learn from it all. Employee training is a critical, but massive, undertaking for more Human Resources leaders, trainers, and managers. Generating an LMS report can help you make better decisions regarding the training you do, your use of learning management systems, and the training material and course content you’re creating.

Whether you use Trakstar’s LMS platform, another learning program, or you are just dipping your toes into creating a training program, this webinar is for you! Learning content is a critical part of the decision making process, so you have to know that you can trust your LMS analytics.

This webinar will be extremely useful for everyone, especially those using Trakstar Learn to gather LMS data – invite your teams!

Join the Trakstar Customer Success Team as they discuss Trakstar Learn’s reporting features, show you how to use those reports, talk about what’s new, and so much more.

During our webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What can Learn reporting tell us?
  • What’s new in Learn reporting?
  • LMS report tour
  • Updates and changes of our management system

Key Takeaways


What can Learn reporting tell us?


What's new in Learn reporting?


Get a Learn report tour


Discover Learn updates and changes

Session Speakers

Jeff Thurston portrait

Jeff Thurston

Product Manager — Learn

Jeff is currently the Product Manager for Trakstar Learn. In his role, he manages the strategic roadmap and growth of the Learn application. Based out of Colorado, he enjoys hiking, skiing and (slow) walks with his basset hound!

Jessie Blum portrait

Jessie Blum

Instructional Designer

Jessie Blum is the Education & Instructional Designer at Trakstar. You'll usually find her creating new support documentation, writing a webinar, or drinking iced coffee. She loves talking about eLearning!