A Guide to 360-Degree Feedback

Successful organizations are made up of employees who get together every day and work toward common goals. Each person doesn’t just focus on their own job. They also support each other, effectively lead the people they manage, and embody the organization’s values.


However, a typical performance review doesn’t always account for those factors. A 1-on-1 evaluation conducted by a manager usually focuses on the employee’s ability to accomplish role-related objectives, not on how well they collaborate with others and represent the organization.


Enter 360-degree reviews or multi-rater feedback. In this type of assessment, employees are reviewed by colleagues, direct reports, leadership team members, and even customers and vendors. A diverse group of raters provides feedback on what’s it like to work with the employee, helping them learn how they can become a better overall team member. In this guide, we’ll explore the benefits this type of evaluation offers, then dive into how your organization can seamlessly roll out a 360-degree feedback program.

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