Remote Employees Training Guide

Due to the likely permanent shift towards some of our workforce being remote and hybrid, collaborating with our teammates from home is now normal – in fact, it’s a characteristic many people are looking for in a new workplace. The number of people working from at least one day a week has increased dramatically over the years and even as there is a push to return to work, many organizations have found the benefits outweigh some of the problems. Part of this is due to the emergence of communication and collaboration tools that allow team members to successfully do their work wherever they can get online.

Even though some companies are making a push to put people back in offices, many large companies have made the decision to offer permanent work-from-home jobs, including 3M, AirBNB, Dropbox, Hubspot, Lyft, Amazon, Meta, Quora, Wikipedia, Reddit, Shopify, and so many more.

Transitioning to a remote workforce certainly presents challenges. Several operational changes are required, including implementing a training program for new remote employees who join the staff. While you should trust employees to do great work at home, you must first provide them with the proper direction needed to be productive. With the right tools and strategy, it is easy to form an effective training program for a distributed workforce.

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