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Redwire implemented Trakstar & drastically decreased the average number of days to complete an annual review cycle.



For over 40 years, Redwire has been a leading commercial and home security system provider in Florida, south Georgia, and south Alabama. They provide fully-integrated intrusion detection, access control, video surveillance, and fire detection solutions for commercial, governmental, institutional, and residential clients. The company is based in Tallahassee, Florida, and has over 200 employees.


Like many large organizations, Redwire struggled to complete performance reviews for all employees in a timely manner. Some managers continued to miss deadlines year after year, and HR was tasked with constantly following up with reminders. It was also difficult for the human resources team to track which employees were still awaiting their performance evaluation and where the evaluation was stuck in their individual processes.


How did they go from taking nearly five months to complete performance reviews to evaluating all 200+ employees in a single month? The solution was Trakstar.

Trakstar is designed to help organizations automate performance reviews. The time saved allows managers to evaluate direct reports better and have more productive conversations about performance. Here are a few of the benefits Trakstar offers:

Automated email notifications remind managers to complete reviews.

An admin dashboard shows the number of outstanding reviews.

Employee goals result in personalized performance reviews.

Flexible reporting optimizes future performance reviews.

A performance check-in questionnaire leads to frequent feedback from managers.

Redwire took advantage of all these features to streamline and improve its performance review process.


Redwire implemented Trakstar and drastically decreased the average number of days to complete an annual review cycle:

Before using Trakstar: 145 days

Year 1 of using Trakstar: 46 days

Year 2 of using Trakstar: 31 days


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