Performance Management Software Comparison

Is your business in need of a performance management software solution? Do the endless pages of side-by-side comparisons, and hundreds of options have your head spinning? If you’re in search of an affordable, flexible, and easy to use performance management software to automate and accelerate the performance review process, assist with goal management, and provide game-changing 360-degree feedback, Trakstar is the solution you’ve been hoping for. Request a demo to learn more!

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Your Performance Management Needs

While the key features and benefits of each software platform are likely to vary, your reasons for needing a performance management solution should be easy to articulate. Is reducing the need for endless reams of paper a top priority? Would automating HR processes give your team more time to focus on employee development? Perhaps increasing employee engagement and concentrate on attaining goals is what your company strives for. Or, maybe your annual performance review process bogs you down more than you’d like. All of these are reasonable features to expect in a new performance management software.

Why Trakstar?

Trakstar is the all-inclusive, cloud-based performance management solution that provides the powerful HR software you’ve been searching for, with the flexible platform that is designed to fit your needs and can quickly grow with your organization. With an attractive and modern user interface, Trakstar is easy to navigate and provides unlimited, flexible review templates and goal modules. Trakstar’s dashboards offer data in real-time so that everyone from supervisors to executives can get on the same page. Managing goals, improving engagement, monitoring employee progress, and providing employee feedback is just a keystroke away, with Trakstar.


We know you have a ton of things on your plate and need to streamline processes whenever feasible, so we made the implementation process as painless as possible. Broken into a series of meetings, Trakstar implementation is personalized for your organization and is generally accomplished in just 3-6 weeks. Our support system is unparalleled, with real people giving feedback to your inquiries. And as training sessions can be recorded, getting new hires up to speed is as simple as hitting “playback”.

Why Trakstar?Why Trakstar?

Empowering hr professionals at over 3,000 companies

Trakstar's Key Features

Why do business owners and HR professionals the world over rely on Trakstar? Perhaps it has something to do with these key features:


  • Goal Setting – set, cascade, and track goals online — including SMART goals; define objectives, track achievements, and monitor employee progress
  • Powerful Performance Reviews – flexible appraisal forms, personalized goal tracking, unlimited review cycles, and continuous feedback
  • Game-changing 360 Degree Feedback – encourage engagement, accountability, and development with a continuous feedback loop in real-time
  • Automation – providing automated email reminders, secure archiving, and electronic acknowledgment, the platform is accessible 24/7 from any laptop, smartphone, or tablet

Are you ready to cut back on paper, increase efficiency, and streamline an ineffective performance review process, all while increasing employee engagement and focusing on strategic goals? Sign up for your free live demo of Trakstar today!

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