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We believe people are happier and healthier when they know their work matters.

So we build products that help companies hire well, communicate expectations, and develop talent.

Our Leadership Team

  • Julie Rieken
    Julie Rieken
    I love work. I love a challenge, and we've got one! Our world has changed, and it's energizing to hear the voices of our customers paired with the creativity of our teams at Trakstar so that we can build meaningful software solutions for people, at work.
  • Logan O’Dell
    Logan O’Dell
    VP of Sales
    I love leading a sales team that takes pride in being our customer's first impression of Trakstar and I am passionate about helping find the right solution for our prospective customers. We know every situation is unique and challenging and we are excited to partner with, and lead our customers through the beginning of their journey with us.
  • JP Lind
    JP Lind
    Chief Customer and Marketing Officer
    I am passionate about helping our customers get the most value out of our software and partnership. I thrive on seeing customers improve their workflows, gain insight through our analytics and achieve their goals.
  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith
    VP of Finance
    My passion for people, process, and leadership has led me to Trakstar. I'm thrilled every day to have the opportunity to work alongside this amazing team to help each other and our customers grow.
  • Kim Woodruff
    Kim Woodruff
    Senior Manager of HR
    I value people - their unique backgrounds, perspectives, and ideas. Our employees' authenticity, creativity, and commitment to meaningful outcomes makes Trakstar an amazing place to work. I'm grateful for the opportunity to grow alongside them every day.
  • Chris McClave
    Chris McClave
    Chief Technical Officer
    Delivering meaningful value to our customers and shareholders, working with exceptional product and engineering teams, and solving complex challenges are part of what I love most about both my 20+ year career and working with this company. I've been working in product centric technology companies that span the domains of health, advertising, ecommerce and HR. Nothing delights more than seeing customers light up when they have a great experience with the products we work so hard to build.

The Trakstar story

In 2001, we set out to revolutionize the world of employee evaluations by creating user-friendly yet powerful performance management tools. Today, we're able to offer even more talent development tools that help organizations create a better employee experience resulting in higher retention and a happier, more productive workforce.

Our teams work hard to continually improve our solutions, so we can continue to offer the most user-friendly, customizable and affordable products for our client base, which includes organizations of all sizes and industries.

June 2021

The Trakstar Platform is Created

After years of hard work, Trakstar unveils the new Trakstar Platform connecting our previously separate applications into one suite of talent management solutions. Now, we offer an integrated suite of tools for performance management in Trakstar Perform, applicant tracking with Trakstar Hire, and learning management with Trakstar Learn.

October 2018

Not stopping there

Trakstar partners with Mindflash, a leading online learning management system. Now you can hire great people, keep track of their performance, and develop them with consistent training; all through software delivered from a company you know and trust.

January 2018

Exploring what's next

Trakstar partners with Recruiterbox, the very best in applicant tracking systems, to help you find and hire the best people easily. We're on a mission to help your organization do all things people management, not just performance.

December 2017

Can't stop, won't stop

Trakstar has a record year, growing more than 50 percent overall with 80 percent growth in new sales.

May 2016

New user interface

Trakstar releases a clean, modern user interface— making Trakstar really, really ridiculously good-looking software.

May 2015

Julie steps in as CEO

Trakstar says goodbye to a much-loved co-founder and CEO, David Martin. Julie Rieken steps into the role.

September 2014

The best is even better

Another major release of our performance review software. It’s even more feature rich and easier to use.

June 2014

Major milestones

Trakstar now has 1000+ companies around the world using its platform.

January 2013

Focus on customer experience

The best software isn’t enough, we need the best support on Earth too. We start hiring and building this team.

November 2012

Our new software platform launches!

After two years of planning, designing and building our platform, we launch our vastly improved system.

June 2012

We change our company name

We change our company name
From "Promantek" to "Trakstar". Customers called us by our product "Trakstar" anyway, and we like it better too.

August 2010

Let's build the best. Start fresh.

We decide it’s time to re-build our product line with the goal of building the best system on Earth.

June 2010

Growing like crazy

As a result of our improved product, our business is growing fast.

August 2009

Major product release (called "r6")

With a growing team, we release a major update to our initial product line.

June 2006

We open our first office, in Seattle

David finishes college, moves to Seattle and we open our first office.

March 2003

Our first customers

We release the first version of our software and our first customers sign up.

January 2001

We get the idea

David Martin starts building the first version Trakstar working from his dorm room on weekends and at home over the summers.

Contact us

113 Cherry St, PMB 57615 Seattle, WA

1 (877) 489-5651 hello@trakstar.com

Denice C. Milde
Trakstar has allowed Christian Health Care Center to transform an antiquated paper-based performance evaluation tool into an efficient and reliable on-line system.
— Jennifer Vitrano
Vice President, Information Services, Christian Health Care Center
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