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Renee Kunce

Power of the Process

Host: Renee Kunce

Do only some of your employees need to complete self appraisals or set goals? Maybe some departments need a different group of approvals? Do employees need to be reviewed on a different schedule than others? Join us for the Power of the Process to learn about all of the options and customization available to you along with why and how you may create more than one process.

We’ll cover:

  • What is a process
  • How to customize various parts of your processes
  • Why it can be helpful to have multiple processes
Mary Tran

Form Design Basics

Host: Mary Tran

We at Trakstar believe that designing appraisal forms in your Trakstar site shouldn’t be a hassle. Join us for Form Design Basics to discuss the ins and outs of designing appraisal forms.

We’ll cover:

  • Rating Scales
  • Competencies
  • Templates/Sections
  • Positions
Cherrie Rhodes

Teach Them to Use Trakstar

Host: Cherrie Rhodes

You’re a Trakstar Admin. Your employees need a Trakstar refresh. You can do it! If you need to conduct a quick Trakstar overview for managers or employees and don’t want to reinvent the wheel.

We’ll Cover:

  • Resources and materials for training
  • Staging your training environment
  • Helpful hints for training
Corrina Al-Sheikh

Did You Know? Exploring New Trakstar Features

Host: Corrina Al-Sheikh

We pride ourselves on continually adding features that will help make Trakstar a better product for our administrators. While we are always innovating, it’s easy for new feature announcements to be missed by our admins. This webinar is intended to explore new features that have been recently released so that you’re sure to get the most value out of Trakstar.

We’ll cover:

  • New features that have been recently released
  • Best practices for using new features
  • Questions on how the new features might help enhance your performance management system
Ashley Saine

Export Options!

Host: Ashley Saine

You have so much data in your Trakstar system, let’s help you manage it! We’ll cover some new features to Trakstar that are designed to help you export your information in a variety of ways to help with reporting or anything else you might need to use your data for.

We’ll Cover:

  • Bulk Exporting of PDFs
  • Exporting Notes
  • Exporting Appraisal Information Options