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Sarah Walsh

Form Design Basics

Host: Sarah Walsh

We at Trakstar believe that designing appraisal forms in your Trakstar site shouldn’t be a hassle. Join us for Form Design Basics to discuss the ins and outs of designing appraisal forms.

We’ll cover:

  • Rating Scales
  • Competencies
  • Templates/Sections
  • Positions
Pranav Murthy

Simplify Your Appraisal Process

Host: Pranav Murthy

Having trouble getting employees and managers to finish their reviews on time? Getting a lot of questions from your employees and managers about what they should be doing? Join this webinar to find out some creative ways to simplify your review process and keep your staff on track; while still getting the information and data you need. Performance reviews should be meaningful, not trivial, and we’ll show you how to make sure your staff is focused on the importance of the process, not just the steps to completion.

We’ll cover:

  • Tips on form design
  • How many workflow steps do you REALLY need?
  • Email notifications and how to let them do some of the work for you
Ashley Saine

Admin Housekeeping

Host: Ashley Saine

You’re a Trakstar Admin. An employee’s manager changes. What goes through your mind?

  • I hope I do this right…
  • I think I do that under the Employee tab?
  • What if I mess up the existing Appraisal? Should I wait?

If you’ve had any of the thoughts above, then Trakstar’s Admin Housekeeping is for you. You’ll have fun, learn a lot… then boldly go forward to change managers and edit positions at will!

We’ll Cover:

  • Change Managers (and the implications on the current Appraisal)
  • Change positions (and the implications on the current Appraisal)
  • Bulk Editing of Appraisal dates, periods, managers
  • Add/terminate employees
  • Power of proxy
  • Manage Appraisal sets
  • Accessing Appraisal history
  • Whose desk is it on now?