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Matt Weissenborn

Auto Archive Completed Appraisals

Host: Matt Weissenborn

Learn how our newest feature can help automate your archival process, resulting in a healthier site and fewer overdue appraisals.

We’ll cover:

  • How to enable the Auto Archive setting
  • When appraisals are archived
  • Carrying forward goals and measurements
Robin Dean

Admin Housekeeping

Host: Robin Dean

You’re a Trakstar Admin. An employee’s manager changes. What goes through your mind?

  • I hope I do this right…
  • I think I do that under the Employee tab?
  • What if I mess up the existing Appraisal? Should I wait?

If you’ve had any of the thoughts above, then Trakstar’s Admin Housekeeping is for you. You’ll have fun, learn a lot… then boldly go forward to change managers and edit positions at will!

We’ll Cover:

  • Change Managers (and the implications on the current Appraisal)
  • Change positions (and the implications on the current Appraisal)
  • Bulk Editing of Appraisal dates, periods, managers
  • Add/terminate employees
  • Power of proxy
  • Manage Appraisal sets
  • Accessing Appraisal history
  • Whose desk is it on now?


Robin Dean


Host: Robin Dean

It’s easy to get behind on appraisals, and getting things back in order means considering multiple variables – employees, managers, and where things left off.

Will you choose to preserve the work that has been done by manager, employee or both? Would you rather cancel partially completed approval.

We’re happy to teach you do how to handle these situations by joining our Reset Webinar! You will be able to organized and on track for your next appraisal cycle and it will feel great!