Dan Briggs

Export Options

You have so much data in your Trakstar system, let’s help you manage it! We’ll cover some new features to Trakstar that are designed to help you export your information in a variety of ways to help with reporting or anything else you might need to use your data for.

We’ll Cover:
Bulk Exporting of PDFs
Exporting Notes
Exporting Appraisal Information Options

Ashley Saine


It’s easy to get behind on appraisals, and getting things back in order means considering multiple variables – employees, managers, and where things left off. Will you choose to preserve the work that has been done by manager, employee or both? Would you rather cancel partially completed approval. We’re happy to teach you how to handle these situations by joining our Reset Webinar! You will be able to stay organized and on track for your next appraisal cycle.