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Trakstar Perform is the chosen employee performance management software of some of today’s top employers. Align goals, lay pathways, and show your employees what “good” looks like.

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The best performance management software in the galaxy


Performance reviews serve multiple purposes. They give managers a check-in time to keep employees engaged, help employees understand how their performance is in real-time, provide opportunities for goal setting and continuous feedback, and give an overall assessment of an employee’s performance to report back to leaders. With Perform, you aren’t alone in your efforts.

The best performance management software in the galaxy

Performance reviews serve multiple purposes. They give managers a check-in time to keep employees engaged, help employees understand how their performance is in real-time, provide opportunities for goal setting and continuous feedback, and give an overall assessment of an employee’s performance to report back to leaders. With Perform, you aren’t alone in your efforts.

Performance Reviews

Create performance reviews that align with organizational goals and objectives. Ensure everyone knows what's expected.

Engagement Surveys

Get the pulse of your workforce with engagement surveys — break down results by departments, questions, or time.

Goal Setting & Tracking

Trakstar's performance management system makes assessments, SMART goal setting, & talent management easier and more effective.

360° Review Feedback

Eliminate bias and get the complete picture of employees from their peers — even for large workforces with multiple shifts.

Automated Reminders

Stop chasing down reviews and approvals. Send emails and integrate with your favorite communication tools to send reminders.

Detailed Reporting with Insights

Quickly identify where someone's performance falls within the organization — then take the necessary steps for improvement!

Why HR professionals love Trakstar

Purpose-Built Performance Management Software

Performance reviews can be the most helpful tool for organizations that need to break their goals into small sprints, remain agile in their evaluations, and increase employee performance and accountability. With Perform, Human Resources leaders can set expectations and monitor outcomes when a new hire completes onboarding.

Trakstar’s automated system schedules performance appraisals on a routine basis so that HR leaders, managers, and employees don’t have to think about or plan for them. Instead, everyone gets a customizable series of emails when the time has come for reviews.

Aligning reviews to a distribution curve is a challenging task for managers and HR leaders alike. Without the right software, it can lead to more work during some of the busiest times of the year. Trakstar is one of the only performance management systems that has the ability to do the math for you!

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Develop a High Performance Culture

With Trakstar Perform, your performance reviews will set expectations and create a space for communication around goals, competencies, OKRs, and development plans.

When partnered with Trakstar Learn, performance review cycles become times for career development, goal-management, retention, engagement, and more. When you take the time to talk to your team members, whether you are a large business or a small business, you connect with them on a deeper level. Your top performers are more likely to stay with your company, and struggling employees will work to improve performance and meet their goals.

Perform’s industry-leading configurability means reviews can adapt to your culture, not the other way around. Continuous performance management helps streamline reviews and make them second nature to managers, leaders, and employees. When they know evaluations are coming, they are likely to put in more effort every single day.

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Align Expectations Across Your Workforce

What do you expect out of your employees? What competencies should they have in their particular roles? Eliminating bias from appraisals can help to keep everyone aligned and working towards the same goals.

What does good look like at your organization? Our HR software easily aligns expectations with intuitive competencies assigned to specific roles, user-friendly note sections to keep everyone up-to-date, and areas for employee feedback and 360-degree reviews.

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Keep Your Job Descriptions In One Place

When you hire someone, goal tracking needs to be tied to their specific job description. Job descriptions need to be centrally located for reference throughout the performance review process. Many performance management tools don’t have a repository for these descriptions, limiting their effectiveness.

With the Trakstar platform, job descriptions easily transfer from Trakstar Hire to Trakstar Perform.

Set SMART Goals Your Employees Reach

Employees are happier and healthier when they know their work matters and contribute to the overall success of a company. It increases employee engagement and your bottom line, but it helps to create a workplace where everyone is accountable for the work they do, their performance, and ultimately their contribution. Trakstar Perform goes above and beyond a traditional performance management system and lays out an intuitive template for meaningful, impactful performance reviews and follow-up workflows that make goal setting more accessible.

Your managers can maximize human potential by prioritizing goals and projects that tell your employee exactly what they need. With the Trakstar platform, you have the tools and automation in place to set SMART goals and give them the customizable tools they need to get there.

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Give Continuous Feedback Between Reviews

Alignment empowers your workforce to consistently stay on top of their goals, training, and performance. Talent management requires ongoing efforts from managers, HR, and coworkers. Perform’s Notes and Manager Check-ins provide a documented place to ensure clarity surrounding efforts, valuable real-time feedback, and customizable performance appraisals for agile workforces.

Coaching tips help managers construct meaningful feedback to employees, while 360-degree feedback helps them understand the impact they make on their coworkers.

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Generate 360° Reviews For A Fuller Picture

Performance reports can be one-sided and biased. Trakstar Perform utilizes 360-degree reviews to give you a complete picture of your employees as an HR solution that thinks beyond the traditional workplace. Collect reviews and information from multiple parties – even people who don’t work at your company – with a simple email. They’ll be able to provide feedback that managers or HR leaders can then use throughout the performance management process.

360-degree reviews and the ability to uniquely configure their visibility, inclusion, and most importantly, anonymity, are critical to trust within an organization. Trakstar’s 360-reviews are exceptionally configurable, allowing combinations unavailable with other forms of software.

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Automatically Get Approvals For Instant Action

When performance reviews are done, the HR process doesn’t end. Once a manager completes a performance review, notifications need to be sent to the employee being reviewed, any managers, and other essential members of the C-Suite. With Trakstar Perform, a notification is first sent to the employee, who can then approve the review. After their review, the assessment is sent to everyone in the workflow.

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Benchmarking — Know Your Retention Trends

Benchmarking for Perform helps HR professionals review their talent management in real-time. Understand where you compare to your peer groups and what you can do to improve the areas of your workforce that need it.

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Quickly Receive Status Reports For Real-Time Updates

No matter how you want to slice the data, Trakstar Perform can tell you precisely what’s going on with performance in your organization. We go above performance appraisals and employee development.

Trakstar Perform will enable decisions that advance your business strategy for continual improvement with analytics that empower action.

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Send Out Engagement Surveys To Keep Employees Happy

Trakstar Perform isn’t only used as an HR tool for performance appraisals. Use it to keep your employees engaged as well. Send out engagement surveys to your workforce to check the pulse of how you are doing. Ask them for real-time feedback on pressing issues surrounding your workforce, then make changes based on the input.

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Employee Self-Appraisals

Employee self-reviews are a valuable tool for fostering growth and development within your organization. By encouraging employees to reflect on their own performance, strengths, and areas for improvement, self-reviews empower individuals to take ownership of their professional growth.

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Invest in the Best HR Performance Evaluation Software

It can be hard for managers and HR leaders to know every employee and their performance truly. Especially when you have a workforce with multiple shifts, hundreds of employees, or when you work remotely. Trakstar’s performance management system makes assessments, goal setting, and talent management more manageable with a suite of best-in-breed tools and solutions.


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