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Learning Management Software for Aligned Remote Teams

Keep your employees and managers on track with training from anywhere, on any device

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Develop High Performing Teams with Consistent Online Training

Import Options

Multimedia Content

Create employee training courses consisting of different types of learning content. Upload PowerPoints, videos, audio, text documents, and more with Trakstar’s one-of-a-kind content agnostic system. 

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Automatically place teams or groups of employees in specific training courses. No need to individually enroll team members one-by-one saving you time and headaches. 

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quiz options

Quizzes & Assessments

Test your employees’ knowledge as they progress through training (which is proven to increase knowledge retention). Build quizzes with different question types that are automatically graded by Trakstar.  

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LMS Reporting

Reports & Analytics

Continuously analyze and improve your employee training program. Generate reports on employee training progress, course performance, and quizzes and assessments while meeting compliance requirements for documentation. 

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Decrease in number of days to complete reviews after 2 cycles

Just like your teams, our solutions work better together.

Performance Management Solution

Take a modern approach to performance management and help every one of your employees meet their full potential. Set role-specific goals, provide real-time feedback, and conduct performance reviews.

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Engagement Survey Solution

Research shows that employees are happier and more engaged when asked to provide feedback. Utilize opinion polls, pulse surveys, and 1:1 check in templates to understand employee sentiment and get actionable insights to improve employee retention.

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