Trakstar has allowed Christian Health Care Center to transform an antiquated paper-based performance evaluation tool into an efficient and reliable on-line system. Our ability to meet organizational objectives has been greatly enhanced by linking performance standards to employee goals. Trakstar has helped us bring our on-time completion to near 100%. Most importantly, when leaders are spending less time with paperwork, we are able to focus our attention on the business on providing top-notch patient care. And that increases satisfaction across the board.

Jennifer VitranoVice President, Information ServicesChristian Health Care Center

The Adams County Sheriff’s Office has been using Trakstar since 2005. We find this programs to be very user friendly and with 500+ employees it was very important for all of us to be able to use it with little or no help at all. This program has made it very easy for us to customize the appraisals to our needs and specialties we have within the different departments.

Teresa CreelHR AdministratorAdams County Sheriff’s Office

Calgary Co-op needed a system to manage and deliver over 1000 annual appraisals.  Our old system was 100% paper based, not only was the volume of paper overwhelming it was impossible to accurately analyze the data for succession planning, training needs etc.  Trakstar offered the perfect solution.  In our first year we had 100% completion, users found it easy to use and understand.  Administratively Trakstar is simple and allows us to quickly and easily access the information we need.  The support we received has been responsive and collaborative right from the initial implementation, a true partnership.

Bart WillmoreEmployee Relations DirectorCalgary Cooperative Association Ltd

Trakstar is helping the City of Fayetteville by automating the performance appraisal system through email notifications.  This cloud based performance appraisal system allows our employees to access their appraisals at their leisure.  Employees and managers can make notes, track performance and mark the progress on goals, all through TrakStar!  It keeps the appraisal process going through the automated notifications of appraisals.  The system is so incredibly easy to use, but if you do want more information there are trainings offered and the staff is always willing to help with any questions.  Trakstar is a wonderful tool.

Barbara DudleyHR AdministratorCity of Fayetteville

We continue to sing your praises and remain very pleased with Trakstar.

Our performance plans are an interactive and dynamic process thanks to Trakstar technology.  The dreaded year end “review” has been replaced with a dynamic performance plan that is introduced at the beginning of the year and utilized throughout the year to adjust and realign work priorities and capture notes of key performance accomplishments and opportunities.

Trakstar technology has improved communication between participants and their supervisors.  Our employee engagement scores are higher than they’ve ever been, due in part to the impact of Trakstar technology in delivering an improved process for performance management and communication. 

As an HR practice leader, Trakstar technology significant improves management of the process and develops organizational capacity in performance management.  Access to review content, activity levels, ratings and completion rates provides an effective platform for coaching and development.  Our performance review content, application of the rating scales and completion rates have never been better.  The Trakstar reporting capabilities have transformed our management of the process and significantly improved our outcomes.

Tamra LaskaHuman Resource DirectorCrow Wing Sheriff's Department

Trakstar gave us the ability to take a huge leap forward by digitizing our performance review process. We were able to eliminate the outdated paper forms and create a streamlined process that ensured consistency and compliance. Implementation was quick and easy, product support is always responsive. This was an affordable and user-friendly solution which provides our managers with the tools and resources to have structured and meaningful conversations with their team members to help them understand what they need to do to meet both their individual and team goals and objectives.

Carole DodgeDirector of Employee ServicesLynn University

The Trakstar platform is intuitive and filled with tools which allow us to design and implement an appropriate review for each of our staff positions.  The review cycle fosters effortless ongoing performance discussions between supervisors and employees which keeps everyone working toward the same goals.

Hal PykeVice PresidentPetVet Care Centers

We went from a minimally used paper appraisal system to the Trakstar system and now have current appraisals on all our staff.

I love the built in notification system.  It saves our HR department lots of time and effort.  I can also quickly look to see where everyone is in the process by clicking on the Appraisals tab.

Brenda DahlHuman Resources DirectorSunny Hills Services

Trakstar underpins the performance management process at Thiess Australian Mining. Using this software has been an excellent shift from the paper-based process adopted in the past. Our employees and managers now have one, easy to use tool that supports meaningful performance conversations (and reporting) across our business. The Trakstar team provide fast customer support and always offer solutions to improve the service.

Meredith WallaceManager – Organisational EffectivenessThiess Australian Mining

Valley View Hospital has used Trakstar for the past 7 years. As a healthcare organization certified by Joint Commission, we are held to standards related to performance appraisals.  This system has enabled us to tie job descriptions to the appraisals, notify employees and directors when due, track completions and generate reports for our own quality improvement activities and to demonstrate completions for regulatory agencies.  It’s also a great time-saver for directors as we moved away from a paper system with laborious hand-written notes to point-and-click scoring and computer comments.  Trakstar is intuitive — I seldom have to help someone understand what to do even when logging in for the first time. The system allows us to customize all aspects of it to fit our policies.  Customer service is quick to respond, knowledgeable and so nice.

Patty YountHR Coordinator/RecruiterValley View Hospital

PSMS has been using TrakStar for three years for our annual performance evaluation process. As a software company that produces and supports a cloud-based product, we tend to use the same kind of products in our own business processes. We look for intuitive software programs with little to no downtime and quick customer support when we need it. TrakStar delivers on all three. Our evaluation processes are now completed on time, accessible 24/7 and anywhere in the world, and the system is so intuitive, training is not a problem. I recommend TrakStar without reservation. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions.

I would add to this and say that the Trakstar tool is intuitive and user-friendly for managers and employees at all levels.   The set-up support and education materials provided by the Trakstar team enabled PAR to be up and running in a very short timeframe.   During the evaluation and assessment period, we have received very good feedback from our users.  The format of the appraisals creates a wonderful framework for open discussion between managers and employees.

Denise C. MildeVice President, Human ResourcesPAR Technology Corporation

D/P/S recently changed from doing a paper-based review system to the hosted Trakstar solution, and have had an extremely positive experience with the program.  Trakstar is intuitive and easy to use for our staff, requiring very minimal training to roll out.  Benefits have included higher accountability for both managers and employees to complete evaluations in a timely and thoughtful manner, which is resulting in more positive and productive reviews office wide.   From an administrative perspective, Trakstar proved to be highly adaptable and easy to set up, and is requiring very little ongoing maintenance.  I would recommend the Trakstar system to anyone looking to replace or revamp their current review system

Gregor WellsDirector / Information TechnologyDekker/Perich/Sabatini

First let me tell you that Performance Appraisals have been with me since my thesis at the University of Iowa many years ago.  I have been engaged in HR for the 44 years of my career-most of those years in the financial industry as a president and CEO of 2 banks and a real estate development company. Trakstar was immediately identifiable to me as the best system for which it is designed that I have seen.  It has worked for our bank so well over the three years we have used it that I will testify the following. Personnel have taken a serious ownership of their performance.

To our organization that means our employees can reference their job description, add timely notes and updates throughout the year, refer to important HR and compensation matters in their Employee Folder, and most importantly, ask for their Performance Review before the email reminder goes out to them.  Better employee engagement has just contributed to the best year in the bank’s history.  Record growth, record revenues, and reduced turnover.  The web based system is great.  Response from the Trakstar is quick and on-point when help is requested. I am pleased to tell you that the product is the best out there and it is priced very competitively.

John BrewerProject Development OfficerBlack Hills Community Bank

Trakstar’s online system and reporting functions enhanced MHFCU’s performance appraisal process tenfold.  HR’s ability to identify and create a course of action has increased communication between staff and management thus raising productivity and improved performance.  Trakstar’s sales and support team is top-notch, and ready to solve any issue you are experiencing at a moments’ notice.  We would recommend the company, product and service to any organization regardless of size, industry and geography.

Cynthia BurkeVice President – Human ResourcesVice President – Human Resources