Personalized Performance Reviews

An employee’s evaluation should focus on the tasks and responsibilities they take on every day. Trakstar makes it easy to customize performance reviews for teams or individual employees. Include goals and competencies relevant to the team member’s specific role.

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The Key to Efficient Performance Reviews

An organization-wide performance review process has so many moving parts. Trakstar displays outstanding review action items and sends automated email reminders to raters. Ensure every employee gets the detailed evaluation they deserve. With better performance reviews, you’ll see an increase in employee engagement, goal management, employee development, and more. Our employee performance review software helps Human Resources lead the way to improving the culture around success.

Analyze & Optimize Performance Management

Use reports to make workforce decisions based on employee accomplishments and improve performance management going forward. Identify rater biases, compare employee scores, and review an employee’s performance history with beautifully-designed visual reports.

Build better workflows that lead to high-performing departments and employees with more functionality within your departments. Whether you utilize annual reviews, employee check-ins, ongoing talent management, continuous feedback, or any other type of review cycle, our software will adjust to fit your needs.

Analyze & Optimize Performance ManagementAnalyze & Optimize Performance Management

Key Features of Trakstar’s Performance Management System

Cloud-based Trakstar helps motivate and retain top performers, align employee goals with those of your organization, and provide real-time data to find areas of strength and areas for development. Simplify the employee performance evaluation process with everything your managers need to complete reviews on time. Fully automated and easy-to-use, Trakstar’s performance review software optimizes your performance management process while reducing rater-bias. Experience modern, user-friendly employee performance evaluations with robust performance management tools that include:

  • Real-Time 360-Degree Feedback To Ensure Meaningful Feedback
  • Goal Setting and Tracking with With Real-Time Reporting
  • Note Taking, Check-Ins, and Automated Email Notifications
  • Self-Reviews
  • Flexible Reports Stacked With Rich Data To Identify Top Performers

Key Features of Trakstar’s Performance Management SystemKey Features of Trakstar’s Performance Management System

The Industry’s Leading Talent Development Platform for HR

Trakstar supercharges employee performance around pivotal moments in talent development. Remove your manual processes with our innovative software and world-class support. Make smarter decisions to attract, retain, and engage your workforce. Performance review software is just the start—our talent development platform includes support for applicant tracking, onboarding, engagement surveys, performance reports, metrics, and so much more.

The Industry’s Leading Talent Development Platform for HRThe Industry’s Leading Talent Development Platform for HR

Trakstar’s performance management software is the best way to implement a consistent, fair system for the performance review process.

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