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Using Trakstar Hire as part of the Trakstar platform, you’ll know exactly where your top applicants are so you can get them on your team.

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Find better candidates, faster with easy applicant tracking

The faster you can get to your ideal candidate, the more likely it is that you are going to make a connection, schedule an interview, and get them to sign a contract. Employers need to utilize applicant tracking so they have an advantage over every other company trying to sign your chosen candidate. Trakstar Hire, part of the Trakstar platform, gives you the advantages you need to attract today’s top talent, zero in on where they are in the hiring process, and give them a fantastic candidate experience.

Because recruiting talent is a sales process, and just like with sales, speed matters.

The Candidate "Red Carpet"

Your hiring process should feel seamless. Trakstar Hire helps you chauffeur applicants through every stage, from initial application through job offer. Applicant tracking gives you insights into sticking points, provides multiple touch points to understand where your hiring process is too slow, and streamlines communication between hiring managers, teams, and the candidates themselves.

Trakstar Hire helps candidates see your culture and how they fit from the start when teams collaborate on hiring. Everyone gets easy-to-access visibility into where the process is so they can make critical decisions with ease. Centralized communication to applicants keeps the pipeline moving and presents more professionally.

The Candidate "Red Carpet"The Candidate "Red Carpet"

Get the Most Out of Collaborative Hiring

Collaborative hiring is one of the most important aspects of the hiring process, but it can slow things down and make the process confusing. With Trakstar Hire, every member of the hiring team will immediately know what their responsibilities are, where they should be for interviews and meetings, and what other people think about the candidate. You’ll have a centralized place for comparing notes, communicating to the candidate and each other, and scheduling.

With automatic alerts delivered right to your inbox, our system integrates with your favorite planning and operations tools. Collaborative hiring and centralized feedback with no login required.

Get the Most Out of Collaborative HiringGet the Most Out of Collaborative Hiring

Speed-to-Hire. It Matters.

Remember that time when your offer letter arrived after a competitor’s offer? Hire’s Offer Management ensures you get there first. Automate offer letters so that you get the people you want.

To build invincible teams, you want to work quickly. Trakstar Hire helps automate processes so that you can go faster than other HR departments who are doing the manual work of scheduling final interviews, sending offer letters, and more. Hire auto-populates information, fills in job descriptions, and helps with scheduling so you can get everything sent out as soon as your hiring team has made a decision.

But your speed doesn’t stop there! With the Trakstar platform, you can automatically enroll your new hire in onboarding courses, set expectations and goals, and collect data about your hiring process.

Speed-to-Hire. It Matters.Speed-to-Hire. It Matters.

Reporting & Compliance

Improve your recruiting efforts and remain compliant with easy-to-understand hiring reports. Trakstar Hire offers multiple reports that help optimize the recruitment process.

Stay compliant and informed with hiring reports, like Trakstar Insights, and improve your hiring process. Throughout each step of the applicant tracking journey, you’ll gather data that can then be used to eliminate bottlenecks, identify roadblocks, and make micro changes that help you get your best talent. If you are worried about efficiency, Trakstar Insights is one of the most potent tools you can have.

Reporting & ComplianceReporting & Compliance

High-Visibility Job Postings

Trakstar Hire’s partnerships with high-traffic job boards make sure your job is seen by the right candidates. The source report in Hire will reveal the boards that work for you and the ones that don’t, so you can choose the best.

After you post your job, start curating the applicant’s journey by moving them from job boards and into a system that reflects your company culture. Why bring potential candidates back to job boards where they could find another opening?

High-Visibility Job PostingsHigh-Visibility Job Postings

Discover Trakstar’s integrated candidate sourcing to automate the most time-consuming portions of recruiting and hiring new employees. Equip your workforce with Trakstar Hire.

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