Unroll the Candidate "Red Carpet"

Automation, templates, sourcing, onboarding, and more to streamline the hiring process to impress your best candidates. Get the talent you deserve.

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From the moment someone looks at your career site or reads your job description, they get an initial impression of what it would be like to work for your company. With Trakstar Hire, the candidate experience starts on the right foot and stays there with employer branding opportunities, automation to ensure constant communication and messaging, streamlined application processes so they understand where they are in the hiring process, and build-out hiring workflows to ensure you’re finding the best talent out there. We call that the Candidate Red Carpet.

Delegate Hiring Tasks for Consistency

Assign tasks to team members in Trakstar Hire to ensure every base is covered throughout the hiring process. Having a great hiring team is a competitive advantage in today‘s market. Job seekers expect to hear from multiple people within the process, and quality candidates will take note of who replies quickly and who doesn’t. Give your hiring teams the tools they need to succeed in building a great candidate experience by using Trakstar Hire.

Request employees review resumes, participate in interviews, and evaluate candidates with your recruiting team, even if you aren’t in the same location. Find touchpoints, build smarter assessments, and improve the candidate journey all at the same time.

Delegate Hiring Tasks for ConsistencyDelegate Hiring Tasks for Consistency

Stay Connected During the Candidate Journey

Once you find that person you want to hire, you need to stay connected. One of the main reasons you lose a new hire is because you don’t stay in contact – applicant ghosting is a real thing. Trakstar Hire makes it easier to have conversations with candidates and find out about their qualifications. Use our applicant tracking system to not only find those people but then keep them in the loop until onboarding.

Hiring managers, HR leaders, and anyone with a log-in can use messaging and automation to talk to new hires.

Stay Connected During the Candidate JourneyStay Connected During the Candidate Journey

Seamlessly Schedule Interviews Through Our Recruiting Software

Allow candidates to self-schedule their interviews with your hiring managers and hiring team without confusion and games of email and phone tag. Trakstar Hire integrates with your hiring team members’ calendars and suggests dates and times based on common availability so that everything looks streamlined to your candidates. Impress them with how organized everything is, then bring them into your workforce.

Take your ideal candidates from job applicants to new hires in just a few days.

Seamlessly Schedule Interviews Through Our Recruiting SoftwareSeamlessly Schedule Interviews Through Our Recruiting Software

Improving the recruiting experience for your new hires is imperative to get the kind of talent you want to see. Even if you are the best company with amazing employee experience, improving your talent acquisition process will make it easier to achieve your goals, find qualified candidates, and report better metrics.

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