Offer management just got easier

Trakstar Hire and the entire Trakstar platform takes your ideal candidate and streamlines the offer and onboarding experience. Our real-time offer management software improves the candidate experience.

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Speed up the hiring process with Trakstar

Speed-to-fill matters for so many workplaces. How many times have you lost out on your best offer because you weren’t fast enough? Trakstar Hire helps you quickly fill your open positions by using offer management software that gives you insight into your hiring and offer workflows.

With a best-in-breed user experience, customer profiles from different industries, and unparalleled customer service, our offer management platform takes your recruiting efforts to the next level.

Streamline the Job Offer Process For Everyone

Send your offer letters to your ideal candidate right through Trakstar Hire direct mail to eliminate manual entry, repetitive tasks, and paperwork. Use customized fields to send personalized offers to fit the job.

With Trakstar Hire, you can:

  • Upload and create offer templates
  • Autofill templates with candidate data and information
  • Approval workflows available for offer letters
  • Enable offer stages within the hiring workflow
  • E-signatures to keep everything within the offer management software
  • Optimize your hiring process and automation

Streamline the Job Offer Process For EveryoneStreamline the Job Offer Process For Everyone

An Offer Management Platform You Can Trust

The Trakstar platform has everything you need to attract, retain, and engage today’s top talent. When you utilize Trakstar Hire for your recruiting efforts, our offer letter automation ensures you’re adding the right person to your workforce. As soon as you feel like you’ve found the right candidate, we make it easy to send your letter. With best-in-breed functionality, all you need to do is hit a button and your offer letter is off. This is only the start of the talent development lifecycle, but it is the most important step.

Offer management is a time consuming process and if anything gets in your way, it could mean missing someone who could have made a huge impact on your workforce. Store different formats, build out profiles, design custom forms for personal data, and so much more to help your candidate sourcing efforts.

An Offer Management Platform You Can TrustAn Offer Management Platform You Can Trust

Hire is the easiest to use offer management system to streamline your hiring process. With features like customizable hiring workflows, automated offer management, reporting and data to help you optimize your hiring process, automatic enrolling in onboarding, pricing, integrations with HRIS, and so much more, Hire can help you elevate your workforce.

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