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Employee Engagement Surveys for Improved Happiness & Retention

Measure and improve employee happiness and productivity for outstanding results.

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Denice C. Milde
We look for intuitive software programs with little to no downtime and quick customer support when we need it. Trakstar delivers on all three.
— Denice C. Milde, Vice President, Human Resources

Increase Communication and Transparency with Engagement Surveys

Trakstar Engagement Dashboard

Survey Questions, Ready to Use

Take advantage of Trakstar’s survey library proven to measure engagement. Automatically send surveys on specific topics or create custom surveys—the choice is yours.
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Collect employee feedback with Trakstar Engagement Surveys. Easily send staff-wide surveys on a preset schedule and track results and sentiment over time.
Auto-Schedule Your Surveys


Easy Email Response

Encourage survey participation with automated email reminders to your team. Employees seamlessly click from their inbox to Trakstar to complete their survey with no login required.
No Login Required Responses


Reporting & Analytics

Learn from survey results and pinpoint where improvement is needed. Use Trakstar Analytics to view real-time dashboards, drill down into data, and segment groups and time periods.
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More Tools for Modern Talent Management

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360 Feedback
Compensation Recommendations
Compensation Recommendations
Succession Planning
Succession Planning
Review Approval Routing
Review Approval Routing

We're here to help you get the most out of Trakstar

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  •   Trakstar's 4 week implementation plan.
  •   Email & phone support whenever you need it.

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Decrease in number of days to complete reviews after 2 cycles
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Just like your teams, our solutions work better together.


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Learning Management Solution

Train your employees to be superstars. Build online courses that focus on job training, compliance, professional development, and more. Develop a team of high-performing, knowledgeable employees.

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