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Pulse Survey Software

Using our pre-built employee pulse surveys, your organization gains insight into the employee experience across the workforce and identifies trends related to employee productivity and happiness. We offer a variety of employee surveys that are automatically emailed to your staff each month and result in real-time engagement insights.

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Employee Engagement Surveys

Our research-backed survey questions are designed to measure the factors that make up employee engagement. Monthly topics include team effectiveness, personal and work outcomes, workplace culture and structure, and more. Every few weeks, you’ll collect employee feedback that can be used to make your organization an even better place to work.

Learn From Your Responses

While capturing a high-level overview of employee engagement is helpful, everyone has different experiences at work. Using Trakstar Engagement analytics, you can segment survey results by department and location to identify actionable feedback to improve your company culture and workplace. 

Effectively Measure Employee Satisfaction and Engagement

Trakstar Engagement is designed to help you gauge the satisfaction and productivity of every person in your organization. In addition to our Pulse Survey, we offer an Employee Performance Check-In tool and the ability to create custom Employee Surveys. Request a demo today and discover how we’ll help you measure and improve employee engagement!

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