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Building training programs for your employees, whether for onboarding initiatives or professional development, can be easier than you ever imagined. With Trakstar Learn, building out learning and development courses is easier than ever.

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Multimedia eLearning Content Creation

Today’s learners connect more and stay more engaged with multimedia courses that include visual, auditory, and interactive modules and lessons. If you don’t have these in place, your employees aren’t as engaged as they could be. Too often, development programs don’t center around multimedia content because it is too hard for Human Resources to build these kinds of courses. But that doesn’t have to be the norm. Trakstar Learn makes online learning through multimedia platforms easier than ever before (for both HR leaders and the employees who have to take them).

Build courses consisting of PowerPoints, videos, audio, text documents, and more. Create engaging courses that appeal to employees with different learning styles and learners.

Easy Course Creation and Instructional Design

The best way to develop talent is to upskill and teach them new things, but that’s a large investment for many HR leaders who just don’t have the time to sit down and create courses. Trakstar Learn makes it possible.

Enjoy a simplified course creation process with our talent development platform. Content uploaded to Trakstar Learn maintains its original format and is editable in our software. HR can build their own courses centered around competencies while following the formula used in Trakstar Learn or build their own training plans that fit their training needs and competencies.

If it isn’t important to have multimedia courses, there’s no need – our software fits into all learning strategy plans. You can build out tests and assessments to ensure your employees understand the fundamentals or include specific courses aimed at career development and improving the work environment.

Easy Course Creation and Instructional DesignEasy Course Creation and Instructional Design

SCORM Compliant

Upload learning content from Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline. Trakstar Learn supports and preserves most SCROM 1.2 e-learning content so you can use your preferred forms of content.

One of the hardest parts of Human Resources is the facilitation of certifications, credentials, and other must-have course completions. Use Trakstar Learn to create courses (including instructor-led training that you only have to do once and then reuse screen recordings or videos) so that employees can learn on their own time.

When you invest in SCORM compliant learning software, you’re mitigating some of the risks associated with certain industries and professions – enabling HR leaders to sleep easier.

SCORM CompliantSCORM Compliant

Connecting Course Creation to Your Talent Development Plan

Talent development, employee engagement, project management, emotional intelligence, decision making, certificate programs, leadership development, and learning management – Human Resources has to do it all. The Trakstar platform makes it a little easier to build employee training and development courses for new employees, online learning, development programs, and onboarding. Use our purpose-built software to build interactive, high-quality courses, automatically enroll employees in said training, and then track their progress.

Remember that a good training program does more than just make better employees. It can promote better teamwork, problem solving, and organizational culture, while increasing job satisfaction.

Connecting Course Creation to Your Talent Development PlanConnecting Course Creation to Your Talent Development Plan

Investing in a better learning management tool and skills training fosters retention, new skills, and more success for Human Resources and the entire company.

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