HR Automation for Reporting & Compliance

No matter what industry you are in, HR automation, processes, and workflows often need to track and document learning and compliance rates. For larger workforces, this could be a time-consuming job for one person.

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Free Up Time With HR Automation in Reporting & Compliance

When bringing in new hires and maintaining your workforce, your business is held accountable for following specific procedures and regulations. Often, the burden of reporting falls to the HR department and HR management. Even your training solution, whether it is a simple LMS or an HR automation platform, must meet specific government standards, data security protocols, and more.

Sometimes, using an LMS for employee onboarding, streamlining workflows, and the other core responsibilities of HR teams can make things more difficult when it comes to reporting and compliance. You have to worry about apps, dashboards, employee data, notifications, and so much more. The sad truth is that Human Resources can’t always trust their HR automation tools to truly be secure.

Not Trakstar. Trakstar is a talent development platform purpose-built to streamline HR processes and give you the time for decision making around reporting and compliance, learning management, performance reviews, onboarding, offboarding, and so much more without having to worry about security.

Overview Dashboard

View a quick snapshot of training across your organization with a real-time dashboard. Filter your data by employee, trainee group, course, and more.

Overview DashboardOverview Dashboard

Trainee Status Report

Discover how employees or groups are progressing through their training. View course status or quiz performance to learn who is excelling or needs support.

Trainee Status ReportTrainee Status Report

Course Report

Analyze the effectiveness of every module in your training catalog. Filter by course and explore completion trends and the average time it took employees to finish.

Course ReportCourse Report

Quiz Report

Learn how to improve employee assessments. View average scores for each employee and correct answer rates for specific questions so you can adjust quizzes as needed.

Quiz ReportQuiz Report

HR Automation Software Makes Compliance Part of Performance Reviews

Need to enroll your employees in learning courses to keep up with compliance needs? The old-school way requires hours of data entry and sifting through spreadsheets with rows and rows of employee data. These are the repetitive tasks that are time-consuming and mind-numbing. When you use Trakstar’s talent development platform, compliance and reporting are part of your performance management strategy from the start.

Record notes and employee information regarding compliance needs. When it’s time for a manager 1:1 or a formal performance review, your managers are ready to enroll employees in the courses they need to take, all in real time.

HR Automation Software Makes Compliance Part of Performance ReviewsHR Automation Software Makes Compliance Part of Performance Reviews

Enroll Entire Departments in Compliance Training

Sometimes entire departments need to be enrolled in training. Traditionally, this would be an HR nightmare. Our learning management software makes it easier than ever with HR automation and auto-enrollment.

Whether you have just a few people to enroll in courses, whole departments, or your entire workforce, the steps are largely the same. Much of our learning management is self-service for your employees: they’ll get an email and be able to do the rest, leaving you free for other imperative HR tasks and improving the employee experience.

Enroll Entire Departments in Compliance TrainingEnroll Entire Departments in Compliance Training

Stay Organized with Learn Reporting

There is so much that goes into reporting and compliance for learning management. Beyond enrollment, there’s administration of the training, tracking results, and ensuring you have the reports you need at your fingertips for government agencies, stakeholders, and more.

Stay Organized with Learn ReportingStay Organized with Learn Reporting

The Trakstar platform is one of the only HR automation solutions that puts talent development over the employee lifecycle at the forefront. Over time, you’ll be able to automate and streamline even more processes and workflows.

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