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New Hire and Employee Onboarding Software

Simplify onboarding and engage new hires from the moment of hire with Trakstar Learn.

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Set Your People Up for Excellence from the Start

Bringing new employees into your company is an exciting time. From their first day (and even before), you show them what you expect from them. In fact, their onboarding experience can shape their entire experience at your company. Use our intuitive LMS —Trakstar Learn—to streamline the onboarding process and welcome all of your new team members the right way.

New Hire Onboarding Starts on Day One

With the connection between Trakstar Hire and Trakstar Learn, the workflows between signing a new employee and getting them onboarded have never been easier. Use our interactive templates to build an onboarding plan you can use over and over again.

With our LMS, you can enroll new hires in training, onboarding tools, and workflows before they even start. Fill out their calendars and keep employee engagement rates high throughout the first few weeks – then enroll them in Trakstar Perform to maintain a culture of improvement and upskilling.

Simplify The Employee Onboarding Process For All Workforces

Effective onboarding doesn’t have to be complicated. It is better when it isn’t! The employee onboarding process should be easy to replicate and navigate for HR leaders, new hires, and managers.

Trakstar Learn simplifies the onboarding experience by:

  • Integrating with your existing software, increasing functionality and versatility
  • Facilitating content creation from various sources and mediums
  • Emailing new hires their courses, modules, lessons, and materials so they stay on track and self-sufficient
  • Developing quizzes and assessments that raise employee engagement rates and track success
  • Monitoring metrics and analytics to understand what courses help with effective onboarding and the employee experience and which ones do not

Automation to Welcome Someone to Your Workforce

Onboarding new employees is the best way to start on the right foot. From the moment offer letters are signed, you need to consider moving that hire from your applicant tracking system and automatically enrolling them in the onboarding system. With the Trakstar Platform, it’s easy to start checking off that onboarding checklist with auto-enrollment. Whether you need your new hires to undergo employee training before they start or take a course on the employee handbook, the Trakstar Learn management system helps hiring managers and leaders build better onboarding programs.

Your new hires will get notifications to alert them of what they’re expected to do in real-time, filling out their calendars and aiding self-driven onboarding programs.

Measure The Success of Your HR Onboarding with Trakstar Insights For Learn

With Trakstar Insights, you’ll be able to grade your hiring process and onboarding workflows. Get an inside look at employee data and understand how the HR team can build better onboarding tasks and training. The user-friendly dashboard helps HR professionals understand what’s working and what isn’t so they can make the changes they need to complete quickly.

Trakstar Insights is built right into the Learn dashboard.

Onboarding is the Jumping Off Point for All Talent Development

Onboarding is just the start. Trakstar is more than an onboarding solution—it’s a comprehensive Human Resources tool for talent dev, performance management, applicant tracking, and company culture. It’s purposefully designed HR software focused on talent development.

We focus on automating daily tasks to ensure that all HR tasks, including developing an excellent onboarding plan, are part of the employee lifecycle.

Trakstar’s onboarding software is the best way to ensure that your new hires are starting off on the right foot.

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