Align expectations through organized performance reviews

Creating alignment across your organization is one clear way to make an impact and get everyone working towards the same goals. Use performance reviews to get you there.

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Get industry-leading form flexibility to personalize your goals

Not every organization has the same goals for their employees. Align expectations across your workforce by highlighting specific tasks, qualities, and benchmarks on your performance reviews. By drawing attention to those specific goals and outcomes, your workforce is eased into thinking about them and how they relate to their overall performance.

Customize your forms to fit within whatever goals you have. Use specific forms for certain rolls, tracks, or departments, and then other forms for your entire workforce. You’ll be able to ask questions how you want, lead your employees to giving you the answers you need to make changes, and truly understand how their performance impacts your entire organization.

Eliminate Paper Processes and Provide Clarity in Alignment

Paper processes and spreadsheets have one big drawback regarding alignment: there’s no way for everyone to reflect on how their performance impacts organizational goals. With automated performance management software, employees can quickly see how their performance helps meet the KPIs set by your organization.

Managers can request 360-degree reviews to get unbiased feedback, read descriptions of organizational, departmental, and individual competencies, and get information about average scores all within the Trakstar Perform dashboard.

Eliminate Paper Processes and Provide Clarity in AlignmentEliminate Paper Processes and Provide Clarity in Alignment

Add Competencies from a Library of 100 or Create Customized Ones

Want to know what competencies to use to monitor employee performance? Have specific areas you are working on with a certain person, department, or shift? You can add competencies from a library of over 100 pre-existing competencies or create your own that align with your goals and culture.

These competencies help your employees understand what the expectations are of their performance, outlook, and attitude. During every performance review, you use them to build conversations, make goals, and progress.

Add Competencies from a Library of 100 or Create Customized OnesAdd Competencies from a Library of 100 or Create Customized Ones

Ask Questions to Get Clear, Consistent Feedback

Use our custom forms to ask questions of your employees. See what’s really going on in their minds, find out what’s important to them, and gain a better understanding of how they function in their roles, teams, and place at your company. These questions can remain the same for every performance review, or you can edit them to better suit your needs at any given time.

When you ask open-ended questions, you’ll get thoughtful feedback from your employees and managers. Use that to create initiatives, training, and ask even better questions during in-person performance reviews.

Ask Questions to Get Clear, Consistent FeedbackAsk Questions to Get Clear, Consistent Feedback

Organize Content with Sections

Performance reviews can be messy and disorganized when they aren’t done correctly. Use Trakstar Perform’s sections to organize your thoughts and feedback. You’ll be able to break performance down into different components that match what your employees do. So few people do only one or two tasks, so breaking down your content can help have more meaningful conversations that help align expectations and give your employees what they need to succeed.

You can design your forms however you like to put focus where it needs to be and still touch one the “small” things that make a huge difference.

Organize Content with SectionsOrganize Content with Sections

Assign Weights According to Your Values

What are your company values? Do you value what your employees do? Use Trakstar Perform to set up performance review forms and align expectations. You can assign weights to specific sections, questions, or competencies that then match back to your OKRs and culture.

Your performance reviews need to be a reflection of your organization. With Trakstar Perform, you can organize your reviews however you like, put your values on display, and align expectations so that everyone moves forward with the same ideas.

Assign Weights According to Your ValuesAssign Weights According to Your Values

Create Rating Scales that Match Your Intentions

Getting employees back on track when it comes to your intentions can be difficult, but you can set the tone with performance reviews. Use a ratings scale to get better data and information about your employees, how their performance is going, how they feel about their job, and so much more. Use the scales to really target specific pieces of information that will help you align expectations, set goals, make hiring decisions, upskill and train, and so much more.

Trakstar enables mathematical configurations in rating scales, providing alignment with organizational frameworks for pay-for performance, union agreements, and other unique structures that your organization may have.

Create Rating Scales that Match Your IntentionsCreate Rating Scales that Match Your Intentions

Trakstar is one of the leading HR platforms that includes performance management organization and alignment. Once reviews are done, the platform helps with succession planning, training, upskilling, and more to ensure that the feedback received leads to actionable change.

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