Get Clear Comparisons On Your Employee Retention Metrics

Trakstar Benchmarking for Perform helps HR professionals review their talent management in real-time. Understand where you are ahead of the competition and what you can do to improve the areas of your workforce that need it.

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Dive Deeper with Performance Insights

Get a deeper look at your retention rates over time. See results on a quarter-to-quarter basis. Trakstar’s key insights section will tell you how you are trending overtime. Gain access to ideas on how to continue outperforming in the categories where you are ahead of your industry. Also receive suggestions on how to improve where your organization is lagging.

How Engaged is Your Workforce?

For many organizations, it’s tough to identify top performers—and even harder to identify bottom performers. It’s nearly impossible to identify those who fall somewhere in the middle but have the potential to be top performers.

Looking beyond that, employee engagement is a more challenging metric to understand. How engaged are your top performers? Are they at risk of leaving?

Using benchmarking, you can get a deeper analysis of your performers and their engagement surveys. Is the majority of your company engaged? Or is it just your top performers? See how their response rates stack up versus industry peers.

How Engaged is Your Workforce?How Engaged is Your Workforce?

Nurture Your Top Talent

Know an employee’s career path to engage them with the proper training at the appropriate time to see their continued success. Understanding where they fall on the employee lifecycle can help you chart future plans, set goals, and make better business decisions.

Your talent is always looking ahead, and you need to be too. Stay ahead of the curve with your people analytics. Keep up with your talent and know what hurdles may come next and how to avoid them.

Nurture Your Top TalentNurture Your Top Talent

Understand the Different Employee Lifecycle Stages

Not all of your employees are at the same stage in their career journey. Benchmarking insights keeps this in mind and separates out your new hires from your most tenured employees.

Get a vision into engagement and retention rates for your most experienced employees and your new hires. Ensure you are keeping your tenured workforce engaged by analyzing where their retention trends stack up.

Understand the Different Employee Lifecycle StagesUnderstand the Different Employee Lifecycle Stages

Performance Band Trends

How do your new hires or experienced employees retention rates compare to that of your overall company? See how your organization compares to your industry and company size peer groups for these metrics. Tying your retention rates to performance percentiles highlights trends across these performance groups to illuminate potential areas of improvement.

Your new hires and most tenured employees also view your organization differently. See how engaged each of these groups are with Benchmarking for Perform. Learn how you stack up against the market in these categories and identify the time periods when retention of your top and bottom performers was higher or lower.

Performance Band TrendsPerformance Band Trends

Know Your Workforce

Using Benchmarking you can see your already analyzed retention trends broken down into groups by tenure. Get a view into how effective your onboarding is by focusing on your new hires. Make sure you are retaining your longest tenured employees and everything in between. Put your focus on the part of your workforce that needs it the most with the use of Perform.

Know Your WorkforceKnow Your Workforce

Benchmarking shows the potential of your HR department and your entire workforce. We have the tools to help you succeed in all areas of talent development, including attract, retaining, engaging, and understanding your top talent.

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