Cultivate a high performance culture — and keep it going

With Trakstar Perform, your performance reviews aren’t only a way to check in with your employees. Use them as an opportunity to set expectations and create a space for excellence. Keep the lines of communication open, but set SMART, effective goals.

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Set expectations from the moment of hire

The moment someone comes into your organization, you need to set the tone. Use the integration between Trakstar Hire and Trakstar Perform to immediately enroll employees in our performance management system. Allow them to set goals based on their onboarding and job performance and then schedule out 60, 90, or 180-day reviews. At those reviews, consistently reset expectations so that you continue forward momentum in the right way.

When you prioritize performance management right away, you are introducing your new hires into the high performance culture you already have. Sustain the work you’ve already done with tenured employees and keep moving with your next generation.

Stay Consistent in Your Quest for Excellence

Setting goals and competencies within Trakstar Perform can ensure you’re asking your employees for the same things. Eliminate bias by grading your employees on a scale for each competency. Our software was developed to encourage deep, critical thinking about these competencies and ensure success. Trakstar’s competency library is behaviorally leveled, describing observable behaviors for each rating, reducing rater bias, and providing managers the tools to apply standards equitably during reviews.

Another great aspect of Trakstar Perform is that it integrates with Trakstar Learn. Take your performance reviews and find areas for improvement, then automatically enroll your employees in training programs to get them where you’d like them to be. It’s that easy!
Trakstar provides extended workflow configurations, allowing organizations to align with departments and processes, which often vary across companies.

Stay Consistent in Your Quest for ExcellenceStay Consistent in Your Quest for Excellence

Check-In on a Routine Basis

The automation built into Trakstar Perform keeps your employee reviews on a particular schedule. As soon as someone is hired, the countdown to their performance review starts. They’ll receive notifications on your set schedule (that’s completely customizable!) to leave notes in their accounts and eventually fill out a self-review. This can help you get inside their head a bit and really understand what they need from leadership.

It’s a great way to set accountability and expectations as well.

Check-In on a Routine BasisCheck-In on a Routine Basis

Gather Feedback from Employees

Using 360-degree reviews for your employee performance reviews is an important way to see what you don’t see in your workforce. Whether you work from home or together with your employee, you don’t always see what they’re doing, the work they produce, and how good of a team member they are. Using reviews from their peers, you can create a more complete review.

Of course, Perform facilitates self-reviews as well. Get insights from your employee on their own performance and what they may be struggling with to help increase job satisfaction and reduce employee turnover.

Gather Feedback from EmployeesGather Feedback from Employees

Give Your Own Feedback

Trakstar Perform helps you organize your own thoughts and ideas surrounding employee performance. Leave notes throughout the year about how an employee is doing, moments of excellence, or things they need to work on in the future.

Organize your notes in one place so that when you go to do a full performance review, you have everything you need to get it done quickly.

Give Your Own FeedbackGive Your Own Feedback

The entire Trakstar platform was built with performance management and talent development in mind. Whether your workforce is scattered across the world or you all work in the same building, getting everyone on the same page and working towards common goals is crucial.

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