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Trakstar Notes

Continuous Employee Feedback

Frequent feedback builds toward better performance reviews. Employees succeed when they’re always learning where they’re excelling and where they can improve. Trakstar is designed to give managers continuous insight into employee performance so they can provide coaching that results in real-time improvements.

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Monitor Employee Goals

SMART goals keep employees motivated and focused on tasks that move the needle. Cascade high-level organizational goals to departments and team members. Continuously track progress and correct issues preventing employees from meeting their objectives.


Conduct Meaningful Check-in Meetings

Employees thrive when they’re supported by their manager. Using the Trakstar Engagement Check-In feature, employees complete a short questionnaire before their 1-on-1 meeting. Their responses ensure they have a productive check-in meeting with their manager.

Take Performance Notes

Even minor employee accomplishments shouldn’t be overlooked. Both managers and employees can document performance milestones in Trakstar. Notes can be revisited during check-in meetings and reviewed when completing quarterly or annual performance reviews. 

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Trakstar provides your workforce with real-time and continuous feedback with features that include:

  • 360 Degree Feedback – request real-time feedback from anyone within or outside of the organization
  • Goal Setting – set goals and keep them updated all year long with regular check-ins for increased productivity and happy employees
  • Goal Tracking – work collaboratively on a modern interface by ensuring expectations are set and met
  • Performance Charting – gain a real-time understanding of top performers or who may be struggling with visually appealing data-based dashboards
  • Continuous Performance Reviews – communicate clear objectives with easy to set schedules and automated email notifications

Real-time performance management from Trakstar inspires good management, saves time, and engages employees. Request your free demo today and experience a new approach to managing employee performance.

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Trakstar's performance management software is the best way to implement a fair system for the performance review process if you are looking to attract, identify, and keep talented employees. Request your free live demo of Trakstar today and experience a better way to do performance management.

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