Creating Stellar Candidate Experiences

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Creating Stellar Candidate Experiences

Great talent is out there, and you may be meeting them, but are you getting them to come into your organization? Lately, there’s been a struggle actually to get your chosen candidates across the finish line – and there’s a good reason. A job seeker may be looking to change jobs, but actually getting them through the hiring process, interview process, and getting them to sign an offer letter is more challenging than many leaders think.

But why is it so hard to complete the candidate journey? Is the hiring process just that bad right now? Are you using the right talent board to find your hires? Do you need a better hiring manager?

Maybe. But the truth is that a poor candidate experience will do more damage than anything else.

How can you improve the experience for both the job seeker and your own internal team? Join some of our best hirers as they talk about creating stellar candidate experiences from that initial job post to sending offer letters. We’ll show you what it looks like from the candidate’s POV and your own to help you really understand what’s happening.

Watch our webinar replay to learn about Trakstar Hire, best practices for hiring, and how to create that stellar candidate experience that gets your organization the talent it needs.

Key Takeaways


Application questions that create a great candidate experience


Using self-scheduling for interviews and talent acquisition


Creating offer letters with employer branding


Small optimization changes that make a HUGE difference in creating a good candidate experience

Session Speakers

Chelsea Baker portrait

Chelsea Baker

Director of Customer Experience

Chelsea Baker is the Director of Customer Experience at Trakstar. Day to day she’s working to solve sticky problems and increase customer happiness, or convincing you to read a new book. She loves talking about all things related to hiring, and managing remote teams.

Jessie Blum portrait

Jessie Blum

Instructional Designer

Jessie Blum is the Education & Instructional Designer at Trakstar. You'll usually find her creating new support documentation, writing a webinar, or drinking iced coffee. She loves talking about eLearning!