Engaging Your Team for Success Year Round

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Engaging Your Team for Success Year Round

Engaging your team, whether you have remote employees, in-person staff, or a hybrid environment is imperative to keeping them happy, healthy, and productive. Employee engagement is part of the employee experience and impacts nearly all elements of your organization, from how people work together to job satisfaction to company culture. Employee engagement activities traditionally required a lot of prep work from a Human Resources leader or manager, which is why they are limited.

High employee engagement is possible without a lot of extra work or even a formalized employee engagement strategy. Team building, engaging employees, and employe engagement initiatives can all happen in the background of a traditional workday. However, it is important to get in from of low employee morale before you have a lot of turnover.

Our webinar, Engaging Your Team for Success Year Round, dives into how professional development, leadership, employee onboarding, and discretionary effort combine for team engagement all throughout the year.

Watch our replay and learn how to engage your workforce and use your performance management system’s tools — year-round! Highly engaged employees are the backbone of many organizations, and if you find that your employees are disengaged or you have a high employee turnover rate, watch this soon!

After this webinar, managers will be able to have better conversations with their employees, HR can gain valuable feedback, and employees can document their year through simple processes. We’ll show you how to document successes and opportunities, gather feedback, and leverage this information effectively.

Key Takeaways


Use pulse surveys to document mini check-ins throughout the year


Best practices when using notes to document day-to-day successes


Utilizing measurements to track progress toward goals


The power of engagement surveys to create a baseline — and check in after significant changes

Session Speakers

Erica Fox portrait

Erica Fox

Customer Support Advocate

Erica is a Custom Support Advocate at Trakstar answering all of your Perform questions from the mountains of Colorado. She loves teaching Trakstar clients about all of Perform’s fantastic tools - especially those that help facilitate employee engagement!

Jessie Blum portrait

Jessie Blum

Instructional Designer

Jessie Blum is the Education & Instructional Designer at Trakstar. You'll usually find her creating new support documentation, writing a webinar, or drinking iced coffee. She loves talking about eLearning!