From Exodus to Excellence: Leveraging People Analytics in Your Attrition Defense

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From Exodus to Excellence: Leveraging People Analytics in Your Attrition Defense

According to LinkedIn, 93% of companies are concerned about employee retention. Why? The cornerstone of a thriving organization lies in its ability to retain top talent.

In an era marked by unprecedented upheavals—ranging from global pandemics and the great resignation to widespread retirements and labor shortages—the stability of the workforce has become a pressing concern for employers.

In response, organizations must embrace a proactive approach to a renewed focus on employee retention, acknowledging that talent attrition can lead to significant setbacks in terms of productivity, knowledge loss, customer experience, employee morale, and increased recruitment costs. Here, the pivotal role of HR comes into play. HR professionals now find themselves at the helm of a critical mission: to collaborate with various departments and devise comprehensive strategies to measure and enhance employee retention.

Over 70% of HR professionals believe that People Analytics is a crucial skill set for the future of HR and keeping your best employees. However, SHRM found that only 14% feel they have a strong grasp of this skill.

The journey from talent exodus to organizational excellence demands innovative approaches, and harnessing the power of people analytics is critical for future HR leaders. That’s why we invite you to join a session to explore innovative ways to develop a measurable people retention strategy. By participating, attendees stand to equip themselves with the knowledge and tools to navigate the current tumultuous labor landscape successfully.

Key Takeaways


Attrition vs. retention - what’s the difference?


The multi-faceted impact of attrition on the organization


Leading indicators and data-driven insights


Building a measurable retention strategy

Session Speakers

Brian Kasen portrait

Brian Kasen

Director of Business Intelligence

Brian Kasen serves as the Director, Business Intelligence at Trakstar. Daily, he works on advancing the Trakstar Insights solution, crunching numbers, and enabling HR Leaders to develop their people data strategy. He loves talking about all things HR Tech and Analytics related.

Chelsea Baker portrait

Chelsea Baker

Director of Customer Experience

Chelsea Baker is the Director of Customer Experience at Trakstar. Day to day she’s working to solve sticky problems and increase customer happiness, or convincing you to read a new book. She loves talking about all things related to hiring, and managing remote teams.